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The table read of David's Rite was historic. This 100-year-old story was given voice the first time back in 1930 when it was turned into a talkie, but it didn't even last a generation before the elements disintegrated the film. Lost forever.

Now this timeless tale is back. True to its 1917 origin in the Saturday Evening Post, the allegorical pastoral is on its way back to the silver screen (or whatever screen you prefer these days).

Enjoy some clips & passages recorded at a table read on November 27, 2017 by actors & writers at Just Write, Lakeland (Florida)...

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Updated: Jan 7, 2018

Actors, filmmakers, writers & movie lovers gather for a night of laughs, thrills, drama & romance with DAVID'S RITE (by Tammy Gross).

Producer Jon Fedkiw is launching a new venue for writers, actors and movie lovers to come together with table reads of screenplays moving from development to pre-production.

Monday, November 27, 2017 @ 7:00pm in Lakeland, FL


Grand Ballroom, downstairs

310 E Lemon St

Lakeland FL 33801


by Tammy Gross

A Pastoral Romance at Heart

Two teenagers fall in love in a picturesque valley, but their innocent days of creek fishing and cow herding come to an end when three criminal fugitives come to town and take over the girl’s homestead.

The Ultimate David vs. Goliath Coming of Age

David dreams of earning his parents’ pride by following his brother’s adventures on the mail route and becoming a U.S. Mail carrier himself. When a trio of thugs bring death and disability to the men in his family, it’s time for the boy to become a man. But will he seek revenge or provide for his family?

PG-13 with Faith-Based Elements

While this story is very much in the vein of classics such as Old Yeller, The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie, there are some shocking moments more in the vein of gritty old westerns that may be disturbing to small children. If you would like the G-rated version of the script to share with the whole family, screenwriter Tammy will make both versions of the script available to event attendees.

An Old Story with a New Soul

First published as a serial in the Saturday Evening Post 100 years ago, this story has made an interesting journey to reach modern audiences, offering a special twist to be revealed exclusively after "The End" at the table read in Lakeland.

For more info, contact screenwriter Tammy Gross:

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